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Punisher Max - Complete Collection Vol. 06 TP

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Frank Castles relentless war on crime continues! Its Christmas, and the Punisher is checking off names on his naughty list! Frank gets creative to snuff some snuff filmmakers! In the United Kingdom, he takes on Earths hardest soldiers, the SAS, and unleashes his war wagon against a biker gang! But when a hitwoman releases a lurid tell-all, will the Punisher be her salvation, temptation...or damnation? Plus: Stories from the murky world that exists in the Punishers shadow, starring an opportunistic psycho, a frantic father, a mild-mannered accountant and the young son of one of Franks victims. When the Punisher is involved, there are rarely any happy endings. Collecting PUNISHER MAX X-MAS SPECIAL, PUNISHER: NAKED KILL, PUNISHER: GET CASTLE, PUNISHER: BUTTERFLY, PUNISHER: HAPPY ENDING, PUNISHER: HOT RODS OF DEATH, PUNISHER: TINY UGLY WORLD and UNTOLD TALES OF PUNISHER MAX #1-5.
Explicit Content

Category: Graphic Novels
Publishing/Release Date: 09 August 2017
Printing: 1st
Category: Graphic Novels | 09 August 2017 | 1st Print
Creative Team:
Writer(s): Jason Aaron
Cover Artist(s): Esad Ribic
Artist(s): Roland Boschi
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Writer(s):Jason Aaron
Cover Artist(s):Esad Ribic
Artist(s):Roland Boschi
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