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Ghostbusters #35th Anniversary - Real Ghostbusters One Shot

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The 35th Anniversary of the Ghostbusters is upon us! Lets celebrate with four spooktacular weekly comics featuring different Ghostbuster teams in all-new standalone adventures!
THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS keep losing business to a flashy new rival ghost-catching company: SPOOKS AWAY! They seem to have better gear, better threads... better everything! In fact, Spooks Away seems determined to ruin the RGB. But theres something far more sinister than a hostile takeover going on here, and its up to Ray Stantz to go undercover to find out who-or what-is behind Spooks Aways sudden rise to supernatural elimination superstardom.
The Real Ghostbusters in an all-new original adventure by the busterific creative team of Cavan Scott (Star Wars Adventures) and Marcelo Ferreira (Back to the Future)!

Category: Comics
Publishing/Release Date: 10 April 2019
Printing: 1st
Category: Comics | 10 April 2019 | 1st Print
Creative Team:
Writer(s): Cavan Scott
Cover Artist(s): Marcelo Ferreira
Artist(s): Marcelo Ferreira
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Writer(s):Cavan Scott
Cover Artist(s):Marcelo Ferreira
Artist(s):Marcelo Ferreira
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