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Catwoman (Vol. 5) #13 Card Stock Variant

  DC Comics   DC   Catwoman   Catwoman (Vol. 5)

Things have come to a head for Selina Kyle in Villa Hermosa. Between taking care of her sister and contending with all the crooks who cross her path looking to give her some bad luck, its enough to make a Catwoman go bad herself. So maybe she will? "Come now, Selina. Still playing the hero? Stop pretending youre something youre not." Its Lex Luthors words versus Catwomans will in this chapter of "The Offer"!

Category: DC Comics
Publishing/Release Date: 10 July 2019
Printing: 1st
Category: DC Comics | 10 July 2019 | 1st Print
Creative Team:
Writer(s): Joëlle Jones
Cover Artist(s): Stanley Lau
Artist(s): Fernando Blanco, Joëlle Jones
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Writer(s):Joëlle Jones
Cover Artist(s):Stanley Lau
Artist(s):Fernando Blanco, Joëlle Jones
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