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Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 at 17:30 By Jessica Kirby

gothamep5p2Episode five of Gotham was more of a revealing episode than one with action. It’s ok, every weekly television series needs to have a flow episode to help fill some blanks and build up characters/storylines and that’s exactly what this episode did.
The thing about this show, so far, is that it doesn’t’ establish who the main character(s) are, so it seems to have several storylines intertwined. These storylines are told around a main event, which is usually what has Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock investigating and chasing after.

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    Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 at 16:59 By Dan Robertson

    batwomanYesterday the ENR site was putting up some heroes that weren’t what we are used to here in North America or even most of Europe.

    No these heroes look like the heroes we all know and love, but looks (and sometimes not even that) were all they had in common with the stories we have been reading for years. With the help of Gabriel Leal who mention that one of the so called “Bootleg” super heroes wasn’t all that bootleg, and Dave White who said he would like to see some of these heroes in more than a picture on top of a Facebook post, a column was born.

    The point being with the hero Dave mentioned, was more of a re-imaging of the hero we know and love and why not? The Big 2 are constantly rebooting, re-imagining, and re-telling the stories that have made us the fans we are. Some are really good and some have fell so hard it could have caused an earthquake in the “real” world. So I’m not calling these bootleg, but re-imagined heroes.

    I had once before gone into heroes from other places than North America and found some pretty unusual folks, but I had never gone into movies made about the heroes I grew up with. What I did was culminate the best (think worst) of what I could find with video, so we all get a good look at these heroes from afar and made this list. Some of this is pretty funny, some of it is eye opening, and in the case of Bat Woman is down right must see. So here we go, the worlds best (think worst) re-imagining of the heroes we all know and love!


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      Thursday, December 26th, 2013 at 12:03 By DAMM

      The Rant Evolved

      *The following is an opinion column /editorial and does not necessarily reflect the views of the parent company, any other columnists or frankly any other persons known or unknown. They are the thoughts and opinions of DAMM – founding editor and known fanboy malcontent.*


      fairy questWell, well, well kiddies it is about time the Old Curmudgeon returned to his roots and brought some snarky criticism to the comic industry and its related properties. I have refrained from too much fanboy angst as of recent days and have tried to bring positive things for your enjoyment but the end of the year seems a perfect time to point out some things that ticked me off, made my fanboy skin crawl or flat out dumbed down the entire pop culture genre. However as I have always tried to do I will present solutions as well and hope to turn a meaningless rant into a real discussion.

      This is comics. This is the year in review. This is pop culture’s black marks.

      So let’s get this monkey smoking…

      2013 was the biggest year yet for high profile pop culture trendy coolness and as such there was a lot of room for suck. In this column I hope to focus not on the passing fancies of taste or preferences but some things I believe that really hurt the long term future of the big two, how pop culture icons are viewed or a universally tragic occurrence that needs to be rectified. The emergence of Bronys for instance, while a tad unsettling in some circles is not a danger to what we all love. Nor are poseurs, The Big Bang Theory, the fact that all X-Men and Avengers are now virtually indistinguishable (because they aren’t really the characters we grew up on anyway) or too many comic cons saturating the market – at least not yet. So indulge me… here we go.


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        Sunday, September 30th, 2012 at 21:06 By Dave Michaels

        The standout cosplayer of Montreal Comiccon talks costumes, video games and her favorite characters!

        Much like last year, this Montreal Comiccon was filled to the brim with cosplayers of all kind this year. Once again, I was so proud of how my city came out and showed our passion for comics and all related genres!

        But of all the great cosplays that I saw…really only one caught my eye, not once…but TWICE! This gorgeous girl in this absolutely perfect green and gold Phoenix costume was walking the floor on Friday and she simply had the stature and looks of Jean Grey down to a T (or should I say X?).

        I was even more impressed the next day when I saw an equally amazing 90’s purple and black Catwoman cosplayer and after taking a picture and giving her an eXpertComics business card, she let me know that she was Phoenix the day before!

        Her costumes were so professional looking and perfect that I literally did not recognize her!

        Tantrim (Her full name is Tiffany Antrim…get it?)  immediately became a hit on Facebook in the days after the convention and I knew I had to ask her for a Skype interview (Skyperview?).
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          Monday, June 25th, 2012 at 19:59 By Dave Michaels

          Monday Night Smackdown!

          I’m in the middle of reading the classic Neal Adams/Denny O’Neil classic, Superman vs. Muhammad Ali and while it’s not by any means a literary masterpiece, it is plenty of fun and I’m sure made many headlines back in its day. I mean, it was the book that had the world’s greatest champions in both real life and fiction squaring off!

          I don’t know if comics made such a grasp for mainstream media attention before Superman/Ali, so it must have been a big deal.

          What strikes me as unique about this mashup of pop culture and sports is the fact that it’s not like Ali is guest starring, he actually boxes against a de-powered Superman!

          The thing is, Supes and Ali are good guys battling only to save the planet, I don’t particularly wanna see either get “whupped” (as Ali puts it) by the other!

          This got me thinking…who would I love to see get their butts handed to them by comic book characters?! I can think of a few people in today’s headlines that need a good ‘ol spandex clad spankin’!
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