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By ENR News Desk Published March 4, 2014 at 21:26

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baby 3With movie tie-ins such as “The Avengers,” “Iron Man” and “Thor” helping to make daunting comic book series more accessible to a variety of fans, superheroes are IN.

This has expanded the comic book fandom, with Comics Beat reporting that social media followings for comic book-related pages reached 22 million last year.

There has never been a better time to throw a superhero-themed baby shower, and we’ve got plenty of ideas, inspiration and products to help you on your way.

Head to the Party Supplies Store

A party supplies store like Party Pail provides you with the basis for your Batman Birthday Shrinesuperhero baby shower. Themed party supplies sets—intended mostly for toddler and child birthday parties—provide plates, cups, silverware and napkins to get your party looking properly superpowered.

Create a Custom-themed Invitation

Pick your favorite superhero and use iconic graphics, colors and quotes from the comic to craft your baby shower invitation. If you don’t have a strong preference for a particular superhero, create a small comic book for the invitation. Make the mother-to-be the heroine of the strip, and have her fighting off villains like bloated feet and morning sickness on her journey to delivery.

Craft Menus Around Comic Book Universes

baby 4Food and drink service is another area where you can flesh out your superhero theme. Buzzfeed suggests making kryptonite rock candy if you’re a Superman fan. Cookies are another great option, as you can decorate them with superhero logos and iconic images. If your super hero has a particular snack they enjoy, or a strongly associated food, such as swharma in “The Avengers,” add that to the menu.

Super-powered Party Favors

If you’re catering to a geeky crowd at your baby shower, don’t be afraid to expose them to your love of a particular comic series. With so many series out there, it’s hard for new comic book fans to know where to start. Introducing them to your favorite characters or storylines gives them a way to share in your comic book love without being hopelessly lost. The New 52 series comics are sure to hook your guests.

Comic Book Decorations

Our Lovely Bungalow used copies of comic book pages to make wall baby 1decorations for their superhero baby shower. The banners are easy to make, and you can use blue or pink backing depending on if you’re having a boy or a girl. Cupcake wrappers are another valuable tool when making DIY comic book decorations, as they’re a versatile shape and material that can be incorporated into paper flower centerpieces for the table.

Create Superhero Costumes

Party games are common at baby showers, so assign everyone a superhero and get to work on a costume. Have your guests make masks, provide fabric for capes and encourage everyone to have fun in the process. Go around the room and ask everyone what one super power they would want the baby to have. It certainly makes for a more interesting time than traditional—yawn—baby shower games.

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