Dan RobertsonThe Comic That Gives Back | Pathfinder #2 and #3 Reviewed

By Dan Robertson Published November 8, 2012 at 16:04

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sanXuary | When comics like this exist, there is no beating around the bush.As you know DAMM our fearless leader (except ants) is a fan of the SkullKickers franchise from Jim Zub. Well, I too love that book but I have played Pathfinder all my life.

These characters are more like friends than characters on a game board or in a comic.

These are people I have spent countless hours with no matter what name they may be called. So I am just going to jump in with both feet and bring you with me.  I already reviewed #1 in the archives under sanXuary.

The first great thing about Pathfinder number two is that you get four alternate covers by Matteo Scalera, Lucio Parrillo, Dave Dorman, and Erik Jones.

They all look really nice, and each artist has their own unique style. Where issue one introduced us to the main characters, the Fighter Valeros, the Sorcerer Seoni, the Wizard Ezren, the Rogue Merisiel and the Dwarven Ranger Harsk.

Issue number two continues right where issue number one left off, Valeros jumping into an army of goblins, and leaving the rest of the party behind.

Artist Andrew Huerta renders the fight scenes really well, and there are a lot of them.

The writing by Jim Zub is both snappy and heroic.

One liners fly that would make Peter Parker proud, and the blood flows in buckets as any good fantasy story demands.

The Cleric Kyra plays a bigger part this issue after being introduced in issue one. She proves that she is very good in a fight.

As with the first issue Zub weaves a tale that would make any GM proud. Goblins have been harassing the town of Sandpoint and the party is hired to check into the issue.

The meeting of the party and the plot of the story don’t seem to be forced at all, which is sometimes a problem that GM’s run into. The meeting of the different characters seems just thrown together so that the GM can get on with the main adventure.

The pathfinder comic as I have mentioned before, have the feel of a Pathfinder roll playing adventure put to comic form.

Especially with the character stats and maps that are in the back of the comic.

As with issue one, there is a map of where the story takes place. This time it is Shank’s Wood.

The party follows the path of the aforementioned Goblins to the Shank’s Woods and stumble on a dark ceremony being performed on the Goblins making them more aggressive.

The scene where the find the Goblins is hilarious and I love Harsk the Dwarven Ranger being the straight man for the group.

He makes a great foil for the rest of the group that just wants to get their fight on. This issue also introduced what looks to be the bad guys behind the Goblins.

Unfortunately all but one escapes near the end of the battle. Don’t want to spoil more but the last page is pretty darn gross.

Issue three picks up with the group following the bad guys that got away with their prisoner in tow.

Issue three the characters are really hitting their stride. You are easily able to differentiate one character from another and you see how the characters will act in certain situations.

You can really see the relative youth and inexperience of Merisiel and Seoni when they turn to the older Ezren to see what they are going to do next.

You also get more of what motivates Ezren.

He wants to be a hero and get his name into the Pathfinder Chronicles.

Merisiel has a great moment talking with the prisoner and we learn more about where she comes from and what motivates her.

Andrew Huerta really seems to get betting comfortable drawing the characters in this issue.

The art has an almost painted feel to it.

There is a battle scene with Ghouls that is pretty terrifying looking. The Cleric Kyra is a badass in this battle.

As with the other issues in the series this issue also includes a map and information for a location. This one is called Pauper’s Graves.

I really like the history of the area, as well as the information of the NPC’s that live there.

These books really give the Pathfinder world some meat and some recognizable cities and locations that I thought it has been missing from it.

I think these heroes could come to be compared to the Companions of the Hall from R.A. Salvatore’s Dark Elf series. Highly recommended series for gamers and comic fans alike.


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    Dan Robertson

    Dan Robertson

    November 8th, 2012 @ 16:16

    eXcellent review Brett, I really enjoyed reading it!


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