DAMMSpiders, Spiders Everywhere |Spider-verse Team Up #2

By DAMM Published December 18, 2014 at 14:18

Any scenario you could have presented to me as a child that didn’t involve me reading Spider-Man on a regular basis in my adult life I would have scoffed. You see, from the time I started reading Spider-Man I loved him. Still do. I started reading Spider-Man shortly after I discovered FF in 1977 and read faithfully through the horror that was Spider-Clone, the excitement during the rise of Venom and Carnage, the beauty of Paul Jenkins Peter Parker and even continued to read lovingly after Brand New Day though my heart was a little sick.

The Dan Slott decided that Peter and Spidey would be better served by putting Doctor Octopus in Peter’s body and killed Peter. Sort of. After reading the first 3 issues I sadly stepped away from the webslinger until the Amazing Spider-Man #1 came out and even with Peter back in the suit I felt like the icon was forever corrupted (I have a thing about that, in case you missed my Man of Steel position) and so I returned to the other titles I read regularly (the ones not cancelled, sigh) barely giving the wall crawler another thought. That was until last month when Spider-verse Team Up caught my eye and I read it. To be honest it wasn’t groundbreaking or breathtaking but it was a good #1 issue.

It was not only enough to make buying #2 easy but it also prodded me to pick up Spider-Man and the X-Men. But that is a different review. So I am going to give you the skinny on Spider-verse Team Up #2 and see if you like me would enjoy it too. There are a few really minor spoilers; but if you want to skip to the end and spare yourselves the reveals just check the last paragraph.

So let’s get this monkey smoking…


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