Jessica KirbyAdopting a Cockroach is Hot, Teachers Wearing Spandex is Not

By Jessica Kirby Published January 30, 2015 at 17:43

Welcome back to the what’s hot and what’s not list. This is the last week of January 2015 and we can all be happy that those Back to the Future predictions are starting to come true. We now have working hover boards, way over priced Nike’s that look futuristic but aren’t really and a real, working time machine. Yes a time machine. If you’re a non-believer you clearly haven’t been reading the news. Blink 182 has been in the news recently which can only mean we all hopped in the way back machine to the 1990s. For some reason former members of the band, Blink 182, made a statement about why the band broke up. Afterward Tom DeLonge posted a statement that said he never quit the band and that the press release was weird. Yes, the fact that we’re even mentioning Blink 182 right now is downright weird.Get the full story here

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Marvel Universe Live Is Coming To Montreal! | FPB Papercut

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Arrow | Black Canary Part 2 Review

In case you missed last time’s episode of Arrow, here is a recap. In the aftermath of Oliver Queen’s/Arrow’s defeat by Ra’s Al Ghul on the mountain, Team Arrow found itself trying to take care of Starling City without the Arrow himself with John Diggle posing in the Arrow suit…continue to article

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Remembering The Professor, Russell Johnson

“I have an idea that may well be instrumental in securing for us deliverance from our enforced isolation. Not only that , it might get us off of the island too!!” – Professor Roy Hinkley Jr., the Professor on the hugely successful 1960′s situation comedy,  Gilligan’s Island.  The Professor was…continue to article

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Welcome Back, Gordon

Episode 13 is titled, “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”, but it should have been named, The Many WTF Faces of Jim Gordon. Surely it was the former because it was Jim Gordon’s welcoming back to the Gotham City Police Department and his old status as detective. His official welcome back was…continue to article

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Fantastic Four Official Trailer | FPB Papercut

It’s here! The official trailer for the new Fantastic Four reboot due this summer! And while opinions of the trailer are mixed, it definitely shows an FF like we’ve never seen before! Starring Michael B. Jordan (Human Torch), Kate Mara (Invisible Woman), Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic), Jamie Bell (The Thing) and…continue to article

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Monkeying Around | Jimmy Furlong & Andy Hartmann, Creators of S#!t Flingers

*Obligatory NSFW Warning Message!!! The following AWESOME interview contains some slight offensive language!! Viewer discretion is advised! Blame the monkeys! – ENR Editing Staff* “I would go to bed each night, thinking about them more and more, and they would not leave my sleep deprived mind… And then… well then…continue to article

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A New Type of Titans | Teen Titans: Earth One Review

It has been quite some time since I reviewed a DC comic book…YEARS, as a matter of fact! Possibly not since the New 52 began! So I figured it was time for a change…it IS a new year, after all. And since I heard the wonderful team of Jeff Lemire,…continue to article

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Remembering The Professor, Russell Johnson

“I have an idea that may well be instrumental in securing for us deliverance from our enforced isolation. Not only that , it might get us off of the island too!!” – Professor Roy Hinkley Jr., the Professor on the hugely successful 1960′s situation comedy,  Gilligan’s Island.  The Professor was…continue to article

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Conjunction Junction, Got Any Bills?

“Schoolhouse Rocky, a chip off of the block — of your favorite Schoolhouse, — SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK!! ” Go up to anyone of a certain age , and say — “Conjunction Junction –” and that person will smile, and reply — “What’s your function?!?!” On January 6th 2015, the great, fun, and…continue to article

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Beautiful In and Out of The Zone

In a darkened hospital room, a lone woman sits. Her head is wrapped entirely in bandages. The reason?  Ms. Janet Tyler is an outcast!  For, you see, Janet Tyler is deformed!  She has just endured yet another treatment, her eleventh and final one allowed by the state, in order to…continue to article

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Superman’s New Year | Looking Back at Superman #333

Superman celebrates the New Year!  There are many Christmas themed comic books,  but the number of comic books that celebrate the New Year are far fewer.  One such comic book is Superman # 333 — ” Happy New Year … Rest In Peace !! “ The story begins on the…continue to article

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Quarry is a Gem |Reviewing Max Collins John Quarry Series

Even killers for hire can choose who they kill !! ” Quarry’s Choice ” , is the newest novel in Max Allan Collins’ John Quarry series . It will be released in January of 2015 . Collins, a prolific novel and comic book writer , created Quarry in 1976. The…continue to article

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This Scene Does Not Appear | Action Comics #597

Lois Lane uncovers Superman’s secret at last…Well, sort of.  It all happened in Action Comics # 597,  in a story is called ” Visitor”. Visitor  tells the story of Lois Lane’s very first visit to Clark Kent’s hometown of Smallville , Kansas.   What is the reason for this trip?…continue to article

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Who Made Who | Look at ACDC

” AC/DC makes you want to DRIVE fast , and HIT someone !!” AC/DC , one of the greatest rock bands in the world, with a total of SEVENTEEN albums all together over a period of over FORTY years , has released a new album !! It is called ”…continue to article

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